5 Ways to Spark Creativity
By: Teresa Scaggiari

Can’t find your Inspiration?
As design and art students and professionals, the expectation for high quality work at a fast paced turn-around is something that we are all accustomed to. Sometimes inspiration and creativity evade us and we hit the wall commonly known as “creative block.” With projects staring you in the face and deadlines breathing down your neck, the pressure to find your creativity and inspiration can become highly stressful. Here are some tips for creativity and some tips to minimize the stress so you can keep yourself from yanking out your hair and keep yourself on track.

What are the Basics?
1. Sketch sketch sketch…sketch some more.
Your teachers say it all the time, and guess what? THEY’RE RIGHT. Always start with a sketch. It doesn’t have to be with a pen or pencil (it could be digital), but it does have to be visual and easily accessible for you. Even if you feel like you have no ideas, put SOMETHING on paper and SOMETHING will come out of it.

2. Make a pinterest board!
There is a lot of inspiration online. So, make a board on Pinterest to keep that inspiration organized. (It’s not JUST for planning weddings and cooking recipes, you know?!) Or, if pinning endlessly isn’t your thing, there’s always Google!

3. Look at what your fellow peers are making, ask them for tips.
It never hurts to ask for help from those who are going through the same thing as you are.

4. Call Mom, Dad, or other non-artist/non-designer friends and ask them what they would do.
They might not be designers or artists, but they might have interesting outside perspectives on projects that can get the ball rolling for you.

In a Time-Crunch?

5. Don’t overdo it.
Sometimes this is unavoidable, but if you have a large load of work, try focusing on a little at a time rather than immersing yourself in an ocean of sweat and eventual tears when you can’t finish everything at once.

6. Make a game-plan!
And stick to it! Write down a to-do list, or get a planner, and don’t let yourself fall behind.

Still Need Inspiration?

7. Go outside.
Take a breather. Look at the world around you for inspiration. Take a walk around your community or get some fresh air. This might help your mind relax and then the ideas will flow!

8. Read a good book or some form of literature.
The things that inspire you in writing might inspire your designs.

9. Watch a movie.
It seems almost a little too simple but it could spark your imagination and inspire you to create greater works.

Need to Relax?

10. Go out for a drink when you’ve reached a stage where you’re caught up or in between projects.
Don’t dive right back into the ocean of work, take a break and see some of the friends you haven’t caught up with in weeks.

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