Bullshit horoscopes
By: Kenzie Sitterud // Zeromile Creative Director

Horoscopes may or may not be real. Many people believe that the stars are a guide, and though this is true for camping or sailing, consider your own intuition as your star. Strong intuition is the highest form of intelligence one may reach. Take all these suggestions as a grain of salt, and remember you create your own history, future and path.

Virgo: It’s an unfortunate month for you dear Virgo. Keep your fingers curled and the knife sharp to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Gemini: Real it in Gemini.. Real it in. Time to give some accountability to your other twin. Even though your work is important remember to give time to those you love.

Sagittarius: November is going to be extreme. Sharpen that arrow, and aim anywhere in the world. After a month like this one you deserve a adventure. Pack your bags and get ready for a long deserved vacation.

Aries: This month try to reflect less on them and more on you. Pour yourself a hot bath, light the candle and take inventory of your hard earned accomplishments.

Aquarius: If there’s time to lean there is time to clean. Head down, mouth shut. If you manage your time and work like you care, you’ll feel the reward.

Pieces: This month try retrieving your head from your ass. Perhaps out here you might find a path for all of your day dreams.

Libra: This month will be a month for your to get out of your comfort zone and push the ones around you. You never know when your extra effort might change someone else’s world.

Scorpio: This month take time for a beer and a cigarette, metaphorically speaking. You have been working like a factory worker during this busy month and it’s time to take into account the joys you have built around you. Claim your trophy.

Capricorn: Be a leader this month dear capricorn, even though you're Mr./Ms. Independent, it's time to extend your grounded ways and encourage the more flighty.

Cancer: This month is not the time to let your moods control you. Lighten up, go with the punches and be willing to take feed back. In the end we are all on the same team, don't be a debby downer.

Taurus: Dear Taurus take those bull horns by the fist and control your destiny this month. The stars will align if you control your intensity. Put a bit in your mouth and your eyes on the prize. Your hardwork will pay off during the holiday session.

Leo: Life provides you several different paths. You don’t always have to take the path that has been laid out in front of you. Consider doing a handstand next time you have a big decision. Change your perspective in order to try something new.

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