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Our world changed and so did we.

Maria Pardo

As human beings, we create habits and routines that we like to follow. Change is always hard to adapt to and we are reluctant at first. When everything around was put to a stop, like going to work or sitting in a classroom filled with students, it was hard to accept those changes. Life has its way of keeping us on edge and this year did turn our lives upside down. What we were so used to doing we no longer could do, which affected us all in a great way. As time went on, we became creative in how we spent our time at home all day, every day for months. Not being able to leave my house was very challenging. At first I saw it as vacation because I was tired of the hectic lifestyle I live working full time and being a full-time student. 

‘As weeks went by I realized nothing was getting better, it was becoming worse.”

It hit me that leaving the house was not an option and I needed to create and learn new ways to keep my sanity. I probably binged watched all the series on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, while also becoming an experts on Facetime, Zoom, and Teams. Learning to live in this new environment was not easy but it was something we had to do to keep ourselves healthy.  Birthdays were being celebrated on Zoom calls first with the family and then with friends. Phone calls were made daily to check up on our loved ones. That is something that I should have done more often than before. Families that had the opportunity to be in the same house had the chance to get to know one another again. And those that were separated created greater bonds by taking the time to make a phone call. Friendships either got stronger or they completely broke off. During these crazy times, even though its hard, we got closer to the people we needed to get closer too while also drifting away from those that didn’t need to be part of our lives after all. We have evolved and even though it’s been a challenge, I am taking it one day at a time. 

about the author

Maria Pardo / 27


Hi my name is Maria Pardo I am a student at Metropolitan State University pursuing a degree in Communication Design. I’m from Cali, Colombia but I’ve lived for more than 20 years in the United States. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and love to watch chick flicks. When I think about what today looks like it’s so different from what I ever imaged. This change has not been easy to adapt to but as time goes by it gets easier.