One Click Away

How technology helps bridge the gap in a long distance relationship.

Parker Wiese

This world has improved how we can talk and connect with the people we care about, from people who live a few miles away to people on the other side of the country. Long distances seem much, much shorter. I’ve always heard from my older relatives about how much work they had to put in to keeping in touch and how difficult it is to do so. These connections used to be done by letters, then phones, and now we have texting, social media, video calls, etc.

“It’s hard, but it’s so much easier than it used to be”

These allow for a quick and easy response from those we love. Keeping these communities alive is a core necessity for the human spirit. These new technologies make it so much easier to create that community of two in a long-distance relationship. Though it’s still difficult, talking to your partner with a touch of a button helps fill the void. Video calls are a crucial part of my partner and I’s plan to keep our relationship alive. We use this service every day to catch up, deal with problems, go on dates, watch moves, etc. Whenever I’m feeling alone or insecure, I know I can reach out to her. Seeing her face makes all my worries and fears go away, and I know she feels the same. We’ve been doing video call dates, which is entirely new to me, but it’s surprisingly fun. We put together little activities and games for us to play while we drink wine. Though it’ll never be the same as being in person, these little bits of normalcy make the experience of long-distance a little more bearable. Long-distance will never be easy, but the tools we have today allow us to keep our little two-person community alive.

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Parker / 23


My name is Parker Wiese and I’m from Denver, CO. I hope to move to the west coast for most of my twenties to experience a new place and culture. My goal is to become a graphic designer for a magazine or a clothing brand out there.