Zeromile Magazine is an annual publication, based in Denver, Colorado, highlighting topics within design, art, culture and lifestyles. Zeromile Magazine is produced by Communication Design students at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Issue number 13 explores the idea of commUNITY within relationships, culture and society as we adjust to our new normal during a global pandemic.

Promoting your brand through Zeromile aids in expanding your reach within the Denver metro area, Metropolitan State University campus and the greater Auraria Campus. Aside from printed ads, sponsors will also be promoted among our social media platforms and video productions. This is on top of our already established reader base over the 10 years of continued Zeromile operation. By sponsoring this student led publication, you can become a direct part of creative and cultural cultivation of the Denver metro area, while also expanding your brand reach towards Colorado’s creative market.


Marketing Director:
Eric Tofsted

Peter Bergman
Watch this space for a release party announcement and Issue 13 website SOON!

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