An AI Future

AI integration is an idea that has been explored for many years in our media. What if it wasn’t just an imaginary sci-fi concept anymore? With each passing day our connection to technology grows a little bit stronger and more convenient for us to use. A large percentage of the population already has some kind of AI in their home like Alexa, Siri, or Ring that is able to control various aspects within their life.

It started with desktop computers that later evolved to laptops, next came smartphones and tablets, now we are using wearables, and implants are the inevitable next step. Evolving smart technology mixed with the recent growth of AI generated art could open up many new possibilities for creative people. That story that you’ve been wanting to write for years could easily be created in a matter of minutes using AI. Imagine having an implant that reads your thoughts and puts them directly to paper without having to even look at a screen. On the flip side, consider the possibility of having your thoughts read and uploaded to a government server. 


The majority of people see our reliance on technology as being something to worry about, but could it actually have a positive outcome? AI could become sentient and try to take over the world, or it could just be another tool for creative people to use and thrive. This is one of those things that only time will tell.

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