Encountering Entities with the Psychedelic DMT

The psychedelic drug DMT can produce vivid hallucinations and create radical shifts in consciousness. The experience is quite disorienting for some, like a bungee jump into a completely new world. In many cases, it is referred to as a substance that helps facilitate divine or spiritual experiences. Ayahuasca brews contain this substance (significantly diluted). What’s Ayahuasca? Also known as “vine of the soul”, Ayahuasca is a natural psychoactive plant brew traditionally used for medicinal and spiritual purposes by many indigenous people throughout the Western Amazon basin. Indigenous Amazonians used this drink for spiritual and religious purposes. Ayahuasca ceremonies are traditionally led by shamans and curanderos who prepare the brew. Additionally, it has become popular worldwide among those who seek a way to open their minds, or heal from past traumas. DMT offers a wide variety of experiences for many. Although, many claim to encounter non-human intelligences, with evidence to support it!

Studies suggest that many people have encountered autonomous entities while on DMT, pushing the limits of science. But this hasn’t exactly stopped scientists from investigating this superstition. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Unit surveyed 2,500 users of this drug and the reports were astonishing! Many reported coming into contact with what they described as “intelligent, benevolent, and sacred entities.” What’s most interesting is that these entities flooded them with kindness, love, trust, and joy. In addition to this, Griffiths, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelics and Consciousness Research, noted that 28% of the sample who had previously labeled themselves as atheists had some kind of belief in a higher power or God after taking DMT. What comes to mind is the possibility of the extraterrestrial in connection to us. Do these beings exist in another dimension?

To put it more into perspective those who have claimed to see these non-human intelligences received messages according to a study. These communications were about a variety of things such as: interconnectedness, after life, death, healing, and so on. Maybe you’ll consider these messages as eye opening or interesting:

“It was on a personal level as I had been struggling with addiction to opiates at the time. She basically told me that I really needed to cut it out of my life because all it will bring is pain. I had not previously thought negatively about my use of opiates before this encounter.”

Image by Andrea Marcias

“This experience was them showing me that we are all connected, all one.” 

Image by Luis Tamani

“That the reality I perceive is more like a hallucination and that the true reality is better represented from the encounter with these beings. That the DMT reality is more real than the perceived world I inhabit” 

Image by Synth

I don’t know about you, but I personally think this is fascinating. Psychedelics can alter our consciousness. Leading us to challenge our reality and think of new concepts that reach beyond our intelligence. It makes us question our belief systems, and you may wonder how this is at all possible. Are our human brains powerful enough to imagine such events? Or are these people experiences with DMT real? Although the world may never know, this is an interesting subject to think about. These aliens could be out there floating around in the universal with a means to help us through our journeys, and maybe all it takes is doing a drug to encounter them. But if you do want to use psychedelics stay safe and don’t trip too hard!

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