What’s The Difference?

When people hear Creole and Cajun, they typically think they are the same thing. In today’s common understanding, Cajun are white while Creoles are black or of mixed race. Even though Creoles and Cajuns are portrayed as different identities from each other, Cajuns are descendants from Creole culture and identity.The terms Creole and Cajun are names that are used to describe cultures in the southern Louisiana areas. Creoles are descendants from Spanish and French rule before the Louisiana purchase. Before understanding the difference between Creoles and Cajuns you must understand that under the French and Spanish rulers, Louisiana developed a three tiered society that was spilt between white Creoles, Creoles of European descent, African and Native American descents. That split a majority of Louisiana up.

Creoles mostly moved to, and are from, New Orleans. Creoles share the same cultural ties of speaking French, Spanish, and being Catholic. This culture is mostly recognized for its unique cooking styles. Creole cuisine is a fusion of various European, African, and Indigenous American. Culinary influences. Some of the best Creole cuisines are gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice. Creole music is known as Zydeco which is a blend of swamp pop, blues, and Jazz while also being a mix of Cajun music which is originally called old Louisiana French music. The language for Creole culture is known as French creole which is also shared with Cajuns as well.

However, Cajuns are from the rural southern parts of Louisiana. The Cajun culture has influenced, and can be seen in, southern parts of Mississippi as well. Cajun cuisine, however, is different from Creole cuisine. Cajun Cuisine is a blend of Creole and Indigenous American influences. Cajun cuisine focused on using local ingredients and ingredients that could be found in the wild (rabbit, duck, pig) and vegetables (okra). A majority of Cajun cuisine is also based on seafood especially shellfish due to being close to coastal regions. Unlike Creole cuisine, Cajun cuisine includes all parts of the animal and nothing is wasted. Cajun music is rooted in the music of the French speaking Catholics. Cajuns like creoles speak French however the terms are different from each other. Parades and celebrations are a big thing within Cajun culture. Mardi Gras is a celebration that features a lot of Cajun celebrations, where people dress up and play traditional Cajun music. Creoles and Cajuns have similarities in their cultures that are shared and some that are different. Even though the two may seem the same they are in fact different from one another.


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